Dr Laura Torrente Murciano

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Laura Torrente is a lecturer in the Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology Department at the University of Cambridge and an EPSRC Fellow in Manufacturing. She is a member of the UK Catalysis Hub, Energy@Cambridge and the NanoCDT. Prior to this, she was a lecturer at the University of Bath, Research Associated at Imperial College London and worked as R&D Engineer at Repsol YPF (Spain).

Her research focuses on the development of sustainable technologies for a wide range of applications such as sustainable energy (production of hydrogen from waste), use of bio-derived feedstocks and novel manufacturing routes. Her group has expertise in three complementary areas: i. development of stable metal nanoparticles-based catalysts and nanostructured materials ii. innovation on reactor design supported by fluid dynamic simulations, including micro-reactors and iii. integration of reaction and separation processes (e.g. membrane reactors and emulsions).

As part of her Fellowship project, she is developing novel manufacturing routes for the production of metal nanoparticles in the absence of capping agents combined with in-situ stabilization approaches using microdevices.

Institutional page:  http://www.ceb.cam.ac.uk/directory/laura-torrente-murciano

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