Dr Aidan Hindmarch

Dr Aidan Hindmarch has been a lecturer in the Centre for Materials Physics at Durham University since 2011. Prior to that he worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the universities of Nottingham and Leeds, and has a PhD in Physics from the University of Leeds. His research primarily covers the topics of nanoscale, interfacial, and surface magnetism and ‘spintronics’. Conventional electronics utilises only the charge of the electron, whereas spintronics additionally uses the intrinsic ‘spin’ of the electron as a further state variable to process, convey, and store information; these involve functional properties are determined by physical mechanisms which arise on nanometer length-scales.

His interests lie in the basic underlying mechanisms which underpin the functionality of thin-film magnetic nanostructures. In laminar ultrathin-film device structures the functional properties are determined by the interfaces between nanoscale layers of dissimilar classes of material; the large-scale functional properties of next-generation-and-beyond technological devices are determined by engineered structuring on the atomic-scale. He studies these nanoscale structures using both laboratory-based techniques and large-scale facilities probes, such as neutron and synchrotron x-ray scattering, and x-ray microscopy.

His research involves developing suitable materials systems and patterning processes for cost-effective fabrication of cutting-edge layered nanostructured devices using industrially applicable fabrication techniques; making the transfer of technology from the research laboratory to industrial scale manufacturing processes less challenging.

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