Dr Oana Ghita


Dr Oana Ghita is a Senior Lecturer in Materials Science and Manufacturing and Deputy Director of the Exeter Advanced Technology (X-AT) and the Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing (CALM) at Exeter University. She started her career as a Research Fellow at Cranfield University- Royal Military College of Science, in the Sensors and Composites Research Group and then at Exeter University.

At Exeter, she has secured funding in value of £2million to Exeter through several research projects, either as a principal investigator or as a co-investigator.  Her research is focused on development of novel and alternative materials using efficient manufacturing, recycling and remanufacturing of clean manufacturing waste with emphasis on understanding the relationship between molecular structure/morphology, re-manufacturing and desired final properties (automotive composite re/manufacturing, high temperature/performance thermoplastics structures for various sectors and high temperature additive manufacturing composites).

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