Dr Manish Tiwari

Manish Tiwari

Dr Manish K Tiwari is a lecturer in UCL Mechanical Engineering.  His UCL team, Nanoengineered Systems Laboratory, seeks to harness cross-disciplinary expertise and collaborations in micro/nanoscale thermofluids, sustainable and energy efficient manufacturing, material science and medicine for high-impact research.

Manish received his PhD in 2009 from the University of Illinois at Chicago followed by two years as a postdoctoral researcher and two years as a Group Leader in ETH Zurich.  He joined UCL in late 2013.  He has published in high-visibility journals such as Nature Communications, PNAS, etc. and was part of the ETH Zurich representation to the prestigious Young Scientist Summit in Singapore in 2013.

The current projects in his team involve high-resolution 3D printing and manufacture of healthcare sensors, ultrasonic and photoacoustic probes, nanomanufactured surfaces for phase change and energy applications, microscale cooling technologies for microprocessors and concentrated photovoltaics, complex fluids and rheology, nanoengineered thermoelectrics, etc.

Institutional page:  https://iris.ucl.ac.uk/iris/browse/profile?upi=MKTIW24

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