Dr Kate Goldsworthy

Kate Goldsworthy

Dr Kate Goldsworthy gained her PhD in Textile Design for the Circular Economy in 2012 from the University of the Arts London where she is now a Reader with the Textile Futures Research Centre. Her research focus is sustainable design, new finishing and production technologies and material innovation for the textile industry. Her approach is practice-based, always placing making at the centre of her research, and collaborative, often across disciplines in both industry and scientific fields.

Through her project Laser Line, she continues to explore the potential of laser-based production technologies through a series of garment protypes which have been shown internationally including; at the Science Museum (London), the Audax Textile Museum (Tilburg) and the Fashion Institute of Technology (New York).

As Theme Leader in Mistra Future Fashion (2015-2019) and a Lead Researcher in the EU funded Trash-2-Cash (2015-2018), Kate continues to explore the potential of design to engage a more circular fashion and materials economy.

Institutional page:  http://www.tfrc.org.uk/author/kate/

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