Dr Chee Tong John Low

Dr Chee Tong John Low specialises in ‘Electrochemical Manufacturing’ and ‘Applied Electrochemistry’. He joined WMG as Assistant Professor (2013) and leads research in Energy for Low Carbon Vehicles. He was trained as a Chemical Engineer (Bath, BEng 2004), then Electrochemist (Southampton, PhD 2007) and pursued postdoctoral activities (2007-13) at the Southampton Electrochemical Engineering Laboratory. He has received several awards recognition: WMG Best Researcher of the Year (2017), Jim Kape Memorial Medal (2011), Westinghouse Prize (2008, 2010) and IChemE design project (2003). He is a Fellow of Institute of Materials Finishing and serves as Vice Chairman Science Committee. He has demonstrated collaborative activities with academics and industry partners in the UK, especially focuses on accelerating the advances in fundamental electrochemistry through to application-driven electrochemistry programmes. His research are funded by EPSRC, Innovate UK and direct funding from industry, including EPSRC First Grant and Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund projects in energy storage.

Institutional page: https://warwick.ac.uk/fac/sci/wmg/people/profile/?wmgid=977


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