Dr Alexandra Brintrup

Dr. Alexandra Brintrup is Lecturer in Digital Manufacturing at the University of Cambridge’s Engineering Department and is leading the Manufacturing Analytics Research within the Institute for Manufacturing. Previously she has obtained her PhD from Cranfield University in Genetic Algorithms in 2007,  before joining the Distributed Information and Automation Lab (DIAL) in Cambridge for her postdoctoral studies in industrial multi-agent systems. She was later appointed as research fellow at the Complex Agent Based Dynamic Networks (CABDyN) research centre at the University of Oxford and lectured at Cranfield University.

Her research interests include the development of machine learning for manufacturing,  and advancement of distributed autonomous decision-making technologies, particularly using nature-inspired algorithms and Multi-agent Systems.

Alexandra is a fellow of Darwin College, a member of the All Party Parliamentary Groups in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics, EPSRC Early Career Forum in Manufacturing, the US based CASN-RA group, and IEEE.


Institutional page: https://www.ifm.eng.cam.ac.uk/people/ab702/


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