Dr Cinzia Casiraghi

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Dr Cinzia Casiraghi is a lecturer at the School of Chemistry at the University of Manchester. Her multi-disciplinary background– ranging from nuclear engineering to physics, from chemistry to electrical engineering – has enabled her to contribute in a wide range of research activities in applied material science. During her doctorate studies she strongly contributed to the development of ultra-high density data storage in magnetic disks and ultra-long storage in plastic bottles and she also established a leading activity in the application of Raman spectroscopy as non-destructive characterization tool in order to probe and tune the properties of carbon-based nanostructures for technological applications.

Currently her group is exploring the use of 2-dimensional materials, such as graphene, dichalcogenides, and their combination in superlattices and heterostructures, to develop new electronic devices and photovoltaics compatible with flexible substrates and low cost manufacturing technologies such as inkjet printing. Her group is also working on new functional materials to enable fabrication of biosensors and solar cells, by combining the properties of graphene with the processability and tunable properties of organic molecules.

Institutional page:  http://casiraghi.weebly.com/

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