Dr Harish Bhaskaran

Harish obtained the MS and PhD from the University of Maryland, College Park and then joined IBM Research- Zurich as a Postdoctoral Research Scientist. Before moving to the UK, he was an Associate Research Scientist at Yale, following which he held a Senior Lectureship at the University of Exeter. He is presently Research Lecturer at the University of Oxford’s Materials Department where he leads the Advanced Nanoscale Engineering Group. (http://nanoeng.materials.ox.ac.uk)

He is interested in the translation of fundamental science into functional devices, particularly at the micro and nanoscale. One of his primary interests and the focus of his current research is the use of nanoparticles in probe-based 3-D nanomanufacturing. The aim is to help translate nanoscale device concepts and novel materials into practical and functional devices via the development of nanoscale manufacturing techniques. He holds an EPSRC Fellowship in Manufacturing to pursue this goal.

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