The EPSRC Early Career Forum in Manufacturing Research maintains a 20 strong membership. Forum members participate for a term of 3-4 years, with half of the cohort being refreshed every 18-24 months.

The current members of the forum (cohorts 4 & 5) represent a diverse mix of research areas within manufacturing, as demonstrated in the image below, where areas are scaled by the number of members working in this field. The breadth of research areas represented through the lifetime of the forum, including those of the previous members, is even more extensive.

The forum formed in November 2012, with cohort 1. In September 2014 cohort 2 joined the forum, with half of cohort 1 volunteering to depart from the forum. The remaining members of cohort 1 were part of the forum until April 2016, when cohort 3 joined. Cohort 2 were replaced with cohort 4 in April 2018 and Cohort 3 were replaced with cohort 5 in Febuary 2020. 

Current cohort – Research areas
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