Dr Phil Davies

Lecturer in Operations Management, Henley Business School

Dr Phil Davies has over 10 years’ experience of industrial design and operations management. Broadly focussing on ‘resilience’ within manufacturing and service industries, his professional and academic work covers the following topics: modular product and service design; servitization; supply chain disruption and resilience; digital manufacturing, with particular interest in IoT and additive manufacturing.

Phil studied for his PhD in Operations Management at the University of Warwick, funded by the EPSRC Industrial CASE Awards and BAE Systems (Land) UK. His current research funding covers two primary areas: 1) servitization and the digitalisation of service delivery systems and 2) supply chain resilience and disruption [EP/V051040/1]. Prior to joining Henley in 2018, Phil was a design engineer for Europac 3D and worked in a range of industries including automotive, aerospace, fashion, medical, television and film, with clients such as Wedgewood, Aston Martin, Pinewood Studios, SSE and RWE.

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