Dr Laura Hay

Lecturer, Manufacturing and Engineering Management, University of Strathclyde

Dr Laura Hay is a Lecturer in Product Design in the Department of Design, Manufacturing and Engineering Management at the University of Strathclyde.

After completing her PhD in sustainable engineering design, Laura was a postdoctoral researcher and project manager on an EPSRC-funded project using fMRI and EEG to investigate the neural basis of product design engineering. In her current research, she applies a variety of qualitative and quantitative techniques to study the cognitive and neural processing involved in design tasks. Her key interests include mental imagery and visual imagination, ideation, creativity, sketching, and computer-aided design.

Laura’s work forms part of a long term vision focused on integrating the imagination with technology to provide more effective and intuitive tools for designers. She collaborates closely with psychologists and cognitive neuroscientists, and leads an international Special Interest Group on Cognitive Design Science within the Design Society.

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